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Fusing the organic with the electronic, Ruben Dax is known for creating absorbing soundscapes and intricate rhythms. Born and based in New York City, Ruben scavenges sounds from everyday life, crafts his own musical instruments, and designs custom software, all of which combines to form his signature sound.

In performances, he builds each layer of his music through multi-instrumental live looping.

In his last album, Oval Window, each song is a journey through a lush soundscape of polyrhythmic melodies, found sounds, and heavy beats. It was released in December 2018. It follows the release of a solo EP, Incus, as well as a collaborative project with vocalist Sarah Glass called Treehouse.


Ruben Dax - ovalwindow - album Art
Ruben Dax

Oval Window
Ruben Dax & Sarah Glass - Treehouse - album Art
Ruben Dax & Sarah Glass

Ruben Dax - Incus EP - album art
Ruben Dax

Incus EP